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  • Technical documentation for Nucleus Communications
  • Essays for British Writers XII, published by Thomson Gale
  • Novels: The Governor’s Wife and Live Dangerously
  • Sociology: A Seventh-day Adventist Approach for Teachers & Students
  • Emotional Communication in Psychoanalysis: Countertransference and the Use of Feeling in Psychoanalytic Technique
  • Education 101 for Parents—How to be Your Child’s Chief Educational Officer and Advocate from Kindergarten through High School
  • Academic papers for graduate students and faculty members at WMU and other educational institutions
  • Conversations on Irving Street: Josiah Royce's Contribution to the Development of Symbolic Interactionism
  • Van Andel Institute Annual Report 2012
  • The Differences that Make a Difference: Risk High School Students, Staff and Community
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